Weather in Canada

The first things that pop into people’s heads when they hear about Canada are cold, snow, and tough weather conditions. But actually, the climate there is pretty moderate. Beautiful landscapes change their colors during all four seasons. A daytime temperature in summer hardly rises above 30°C, and in winter, it can reach -25°C. Mild temperatures are common in spring and fall.

As the climate in Canada is particularly diverse and conditions can change very quickly, it would be great for travelers to check the weather in different regions. For example, in the Canadian prairies, the weather can be pretty hot and dry in summers, yet it is often humid and rainy in the central parts. The coastal weather seems to be unpredictable at all, but it is definitely milder than in the rest of Canada. While a winter day can be sunny and frosty in the center of the country, “Chinook” (a warm wind from the Rocky Mountains) may raise the temperature above zero in southern Alberta.

Thus, a reliable weather forecast updated on a regular basis might be extremely helpful. Our service works 24/7 for you to be always ready for unexpected turns. Enter the name of the place where you are heading in the line at the very top of the main page to see the weather today. For your convenience, there are two options below – a 7-day forecast and a 10-day forecast. If you click on the Weather Map caption below, you will see a map of entire Canada with local weather in a selected province, such as Ontario. Below, you will find an ultimate list of all the populated areas. It is also possible to minimize and maximize the map to see the weather in smaller locations.

Even if you are a stay-at-home type, Canada’s weather will never make you bored. Chilly autumns with their beautiful red, yellow, and orange maple leaves, which are the calling card of Canada, usually offer great entertainment for everyone. Check the weather forecast: it can be stormy today, but the weather tomorrow morning might be perfect for hiking or fishing.

Going back to the main page of our site, you will see seven tabs of weather forecasts with minimum and maximum temperatures for the next days. Weekends are going to be in red. Realistic widgets reflect what kind of weather is going to be on those days. They can picture a thunderstorm, showers, clouds, fog, freezing rain, etc.

When you click on a tab, you see detailed weather information about the selected day. On the left, there is a scale with a current temperature and a widget that reflects a real situation outside the window. Right below the widget, you can see the time of sunrise and sunset, which might help you plan your morning jog or other activities.

On the right, four columns are indicating a night, morning, afternoon, and evening – you will find a lot of useful weather information there. One of the most useful lines is “It Feels Like”. For example, a current temperature can be +2°C, but it feels like -2°C because of high humidity. This data may be particularly helpful when you decide on what to wear today. The next lines are “Atmospheric Pressure” and “Humidity” – this information might help you manage your health and performance. “Wind” data is going to remind you to take a warm scarf, and “Precipitation Probability” tells you whether it is a good idea to ride a bicycle.

Moreover, on the very bottom of the main page, you can see local time in the selected area and an amazing entertainment section where you will find captivating facts about the weather on this day at different times and marvelous folk sayings.